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DL 380 G5 BSOD with 0xF4 few times per day


DL 380 G5 BSOD with 0xF4 few times per day


I have an issue with my DL 380 G5.
Few times per day I can observe an Blue Screen (please check an attachment) with following error:
Abnormal Program Termination (BugCheck, STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0xFC9B1020, 0xFC9B1184, 0xE0967BBC)
First and last parameters in square brackets are always exactly the same.

Could you please give me some hints what should I do to get rid of it (0xF4 BSOD).

OS is W2K3 EE Sp2 updated with PSP 8.25
2XE5440 Intel Xeon CPU 2.83GHz
P400 + 6 SAS HDD HP DG146BABCF => Raid 5
2x HP NC373i

There is no Memory Dump (nevertheless it was configured and issued via NMI or combination of keys on the keyboard)
Turning ASR does not have any impact on it.
Mainboard and PCI raiser backplane were replaced.
Hardware was tested with Smart Start â with all devices ok as an result.

Any help will be appreciated
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Re: DL 380 G5 BSOD with 0xF4 few times per day

There is a known problem with the iLO management controller driver - I think it was included in the 8.25 support pack. This driver and possibly an older iLO firmware caused ASR/Blue screens.

Install the latest iLO management driver and iLO firwmare from HP.