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DL 380 G5 Boot Up

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DL 380 G5 Boot Up

I am building (3) DL 380 G5 Servers with 2003 server. The first (2) went fine setting up the RAID 5 and the Server install. But on the last server I have run into a odd problem that I can't seem to solve. After the Server install finished I rebooted and when it came up it loaded the Array Controller and the Gig boot file and then it simply stops. The odd thing is that I have tried to get into RBSU using F9 to check the boot order but now that doesn't work either.
Since this is a new server should I cut my losses of wasting time to fix this or return it and get a replacement?
Terry Hutchings
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Re: DL 380 G5 Boot Up

I would hold off on the delay of getting another server for now. I'd recommend clearing the NVRAM on the server to see if this resolves the problem. I have attached the illustration of the system board. Turn switch 6 (label position # in the illustration) to the on position and power the server up. Wait until you see something on the display, then power it off again. Turn the switch back off and power it up, then see if it makes it the F9 prompt now. I would also reseat all components (memory, cpu, riser, and any items added) if this does not resolve the problem.
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