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DL 380 G5 System Board 436526-001 TQ

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DL 380 G5 System Board 436526-001 TQ

Hello everyone,


According to this page ( it's possible to use E50XX to E54XX processors (not mixed obviously) in this system board -> 436526-001


Weird questions:


Can I replace the failed old system board first, try my old quad core E5300 2.0GHz/8M/1333 processors in the new 436526-001 system board and *next* install my "so-called new" dual core 2.33MHz/4M/1333 5140 processors? Should the processors make the system board to fail with an error message?


If no error occurs:


Am I right if I consider this system board 436526-001 as a spare part to all my DL380 G5 (several PDs) productive machines?


Thanks in advance,


- Andres.