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DL 380 G5 - Will not Accept New Drives

Rich Pern
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DL 380 G5 - Will not Accept New Drives

First, thanks for a great resource and the knowledge here.

I have a G5 that consistently fails the SAS drive on bay 4. I have two arrays, the first is 4 x 146gb (bays 1-2-3-4) in Raid 1+0 and the second is 2 x 300gb (bays 5-6) also in Raid 1+0.

The first time this happened I ordered a new drive (server out of warranty) and when I removed the faied drive (as evidenced by the amber light) and replaced with the new drive, the server would not recognize the new drive. Once booted up, the ACU also would not recognize the new drive as a replacement.

I put the old drive back in and rebooted the server, and it rebuilt the drive and the array ok on the old failed drive. I *thought* I just had a DOA new drive and that life was good.

Since then, I have had the same issue with the drive in Bay #4 and 2 more new drives. Same thing everytime, no new drives are seen in Bay 4, but the old drive rebuilds after removal and replacement.

Today, I updated the ACU to the latest version, took one of the new drives, and put it in bay #7, and was looking to set it up as a "hot spare". Same issue, the drive light shows as "amber" and the ACU does not see any drives in that slot (or slot #8, I tried that as well).

On the older (way older :) )SCSI servers I know the "DAD" (drive array diags) had to initialize the drive, but I have not seen this in many years.

Am I missing something here? I am on controller firmware 1.18 (I know old) and
the controller passes all diag tests (even when the spare drive in in bay 7 or 8).

Thanks for any leads or insight you may have.


Re: DL 380 G5 - Will not Accept New Drives

Hi Rich,

Firmware Maintenance CD with all hardware update. and try again.

Kind Regards,
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Rich Pern
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Re: DL 380 G5 - Will not Accept New Drives

Thanks for the link, I'll try that.

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Re: DL 380 G5 - Will not Accept New Drives

Which Smart Array controller do you have?

Does this apply to your configuration?

Several rebuild failures were addressed by updating all drivers and firmware and having the latest ACU versions.