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DL 380 G5 cannot create Network Team

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DL 380 G5 cannot create Network Team



I recently took over my current network. Two of the servers are DL 380 G5's. Both have Server 2008 R2 (x64) installed. One is an Exchange Server, the other is a File and Print Server. Both of the embedded NICs on both servers are NC373i. The firmware and drivers match on both servers. Both servers have the NICs connected to different switchports on different Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches. The BIOS revision on both servers match.

When I was reviewing the setups on my servers, I noticed that the Exchange Server had a network team configured, and the File and Print Server did not. I attempted to create a network team with the following steps:

     1.) Opened the Network Configuration Utility

     2.) Highlighted both NICs.

     3.) Selected create team.


The software then asked me to wait as it could take a couple of minutes, and then errored out with the message "HP Network Config Utility - Team creation failed." There were no errors in the Windows Event log, and no errors in the HP Management Log.


Not sure where to go on this one. The lack of errors in the logs, and the fact the software is identical on both servers (one with a team, one without)  is making me think I have some bad hardware here.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Re: DL 380 G5 cannot create Network Team

check upgrading latest BIOS & Support pack