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DL 380 G5

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DL 380 G5

hi Guys !!! i need to extend c: drive on server 2008 cz my sql log file expend fast, its reach 80 gb with in month . ple i need ur help people.

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Re: DL 380 G5

Adding more disk space is just delaying the inevitable, and makes the actual problem harder to solve (because the increasing file size will limit your options).

You should *really* figure out what the log file is and what you can do with it.

If it's an information-only log, you might want to set up a log rotation: the log should be sliced into e.g. one-week or one-day files, and the older files should be compressed, archived to tape or just deleted, depending on how necessary they are.

But if this is a log that contains all the database changes ("archive log" in Oracle terminology), then you should really check your database backup procedures.

If a database is producing an archive log, that usually means someone was going to implement an on-line database backup system. But if the log is not archived to tape automatically, the job is only half done.

If the archive log is not backed up, the database events since the last full database backup will be lost if the archive log becomes unreadable. But after a succesful full database backup, the archive logs from before the full backup may be no longer needed.

A file-level backup is not good for a database, unless the database is shutdown or somehow "frozen" while it's backed up.

If the database is running normally at backup time, the beginning of the database file backup will reflect the state of the database at time T, while the end of the backup will reflect the DB state at some time T+x. In other words, the backup will be corrupted and useless for database recovery.

*Really* talk with your DataBase Administrator about this.