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DL 380 G6 Compatible UPS


DL 380 G6 Compatible UPS

Hi all, I have 2x DL380 G6 with one PSU, one CPU activated (maybe we will activate second but not sure), 8 bays populated (it is possible that we will buy second bay chassis and additional HDDs ).

Also in the network are : one HP 1910 48 port switch, NAS Synology RS814+, CISCO UC540 BRI.


We decited to buy some UPS. I am interested in compatible vendors like APC, Cyberpower because our NAS doens't support HP UPS. I was thinking to buy rack mountable one PR2200ELCDRTXL2U. 

Can you please advice? Can you recommend APC or Cyberpower rackmountable UPS?



Re: DL 380 G6 Compatible UPS

Hello @AleksandarNikolic


It sounded strange to me that you're having compatibility limitations with HP UPSs, so I checked in with our engineering team to make sure. Here is what they said:


This Synology NAS has a standard 200W power supply, so an HP UPS is compatible. It is possible that certain lower priced UPSs use a pseudo-sine wave when the UPS is in discharge mode, and the PSU of the NAS box may be sensitive to a pseudo-sine wave. No HP UPS models have ever had a problem with this phenomenon.


Based on the CyberPower model (PR2200ELCDRTXL2U) you are looking at, I highly recommend the new R/T2200 G4 UPS.


Please reach out to me if you still have any questions. I can find answers for you and/ or get you to one of our server experts.


Re: DL 380 G6 Compatible UPS

Thank you for your answer. I do have several more questions.


Can you please check if CISCO UC 540 PSU is compatible with HP UPS?


The main point why I stated that HP UPS is not compatible is because it is not listed on Synology website . Clients reported just 2 HP UPSs that are working with 2 Synology devices


Also it is recomended to connect UPS with synology via USB cable and on HP I don't see USB port and in addition to that I couldn't find your newest UPS in e-shops in Switzerland.


So basically I would like to know if DL 380 G6 is compatible with PR2200ELCDRTXL2U?


Thanks a lot


If you have any other suggestion please advice, but I would ask you to give me the answer regarding PR2200.



Re: DL 380 G6 Compatible UPS

Hello @AleksandarNikolic


I double checked with our engineers and they assured me that the HP UPS is capable of the workload. The reason you don't see it listed on the Synology website is that, since the product is designed mostly for Enterprise Server workloads, it has not been qualified by Synology (Network Attached Storage Solutions). 


They also said that PR2200ELCDRTXL2U should work with your DL380 Gen6. HP hasn't officially qualified it, but it should cover the Gen6 server for most workloads.


Based the part you are comparing, our team recommended the HP R/T3000 G4 High Voltage NA/JP Uninterruptible Power System (J2R02A) 


The USB communication port can be found here as #11 on the back of the UPS, which can be found on HP Rack Model specifications of the HP Line Interactive Single Phase UPS web site.


Do you have an HP contact in your region? That would make it much easier for you to find what you're looking for. You can head to our HP sales expert or reseller locator page in German  or HP sales expert or reseller locator page in French to get in touch with someone in your area who can help you find exactly what you need. Please let me know if this helps and if I can do anything else for you. 

Valued Contributor

Re: DL 380 G6 Compatible UPS

If the synology doesn't support HP UPS, it won't recognize the UPS when it is plugged in VIA USB. I had the same problem with a trip-lite until the firmware was upgraded on the NAS to support this particular UPS.


Had to stick with an APC unit SUA2200XL until that firmware was upgraded on the nas to support the HP ups!