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DL 380 G6 - Solaris - I/O failure


DL 380 G6 - Solaris - I/O failure

One of our HP DL380 G6 servers running Solaris x86 had an odd ( and catastrophic ) event. Here's the symptoms:

- dropped off network while i and others users were logged in
- ilo remote console worked but keyboard input not accepted (tried both types)
- physical console switch in computer room worked fine
- unable to ping remote gateway
- no o/s errors reports
- unplugged primary nic, was not detected by o/s at all, multipath s/w thought the link remained 'up' even though it was unplugged

solaris with latest patches
proliant latest CPQary3 and BRCMbnx driver
proliant latest f/w, ilo2 latest 1.82 f/w

ended up shutting down, power off and pull power for 30 secs

Any ideas?