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DL-380 Gen 10 3 Fans always running at 94%Speed

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DL-380 Gen 10 3 Fans always running at 94%Speed

After installing the Service Pack for ProLiant and update to the latest  BIOS (* RECOMMENDED * Online ROM Flash Component for Windows x64 - HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 (U30) Servers ),the fan 4,5,6 still run at almost full speed (94%) all the time  

Firmware Name Firmware Version Location


iLO 5 1.46 Jul 25 2019 System Board   System ROM U30 v2.20 (10/31/2019) System Board  

Intelligent Platform Abstraction Data 9.11.0 Build 39 System Board  

System Programmable Logic Device 0x2A System Board  

Power Management Controller Firmware 1.0.7 System Board  

Power Supply Firmware 1.00 Bay 1  

Innovation Engine (IE) Firmware System Board  

Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware System Board  

Redundant System ROM U30 v2.10 (05/21/2019) System Board  

Intelligent Provisioning 3.20.154 System Board  

Power Management Controller FW Bootloader 1.1 System Board  

HPE Smart Storage Energy Pack 1 Firmware 0.60 Embedded Device  

HPE Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331i Adapter - NIC 20.14.54 Embedded LOM  

HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 1.99 Embedded RAID  

HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331T Adapter 20.14.54 PCI-E Slot 1  

Embedded Video Controller 2.5 Embedded Device  

Drive HPG1 Embedded controller Port 1I Box 3 Bay 1  

Drive HPG1 Embedded controller Port 1I Box 3 Bay 2  

Drive HPG1 Embedded controller Port 2I Box 2 Bay 1  

Drive HPG1 Embedded controller Port 2I Box 2 Bay 2  

Drive HPG1 Embedded controller Port 2I Box 2 Bay 3  

Drive HPG1 Embedded controller Port 2I Box 2 Bay 4  

Fans   Fan Location Status Speed

Fan 1  System   OK 37% 

Fan 2  System   OK 56% 

Fan 3  System   OK 75% 

Fan 4  System   OK 94% 

Fan 5  System   OK 94% 

Fan 6  System   OK 94% 



23-BMC                 System  9  12   OK  57C  Caution: 110C; Critical: 115C 

25-HD Controller  System  8  8   OK  48C  Caution: 100C; Critical: N/A 

27-LOM                 System  7  14   OK  40C  Caution: 100C; Critical: N/A 

30-PCI 1            I/O Board  13  13   OK  40C  Caution: 100C; Critical: N/A 

56-P/S 1       Power Supply  1  13   OK  40C  Caution: N/A; Critical: N/A 

12-HD  Max            System  10  0   OK  35C  Caution: 60C; Critical: N/A 

24-BMC  Zone       System  9  14   OK  29C  Caution: 90C; Critical: 95C 

16-VR P1                System  11  1   OK  26C  Caution: 115C; Critical: 120C 

26-HD Cntlr Zone System  9  7   OK  25C  Caution: 85C; Critical: 90C 

53-Battery Zone   System  7  10   OK  25C  Caution: 75C; Critical: 80C 

29-LOM Card Zone  I/O Board  14  11   OK  24C  Caution: 75C; Critical: 80C 

31-PCI 1 Zone  I/O    Board  13  13   OK  24C  Caution: 75C; Critical: 80C 

33-PCI 2 Zone  I/O   Board  13  13   OK  24C  Caution: 75C; Critical: 80C 

35-PCI 3 Zone  I/O   Board  13  13   OK  24C  Caution: 75C; Critical: 80C

  14-Stor Batt 1        System  5  1   OK  23C  Caution: 60C; Critical: N/A 

15-Front Ambient  Ambient  10  1   OK  23C  Caution: 70C; Critical: N/A 

18-VR P1 Mem 1      System  13  1   OK  23C  Caution: 115C; Critical: 120C 

58-P/S 2 Zone  Power Supply  3  7   OK  23C  Caution: 75C; Critical: 80C 

19-VR P1 Mem 2        System  9  1   OK  22C  Caution: 115C; Critical: 120C 

01-Inlet Ambient     Ambient  15  0   OK  20C  Caution: 42C; Critical: 47C 

54-P/S 1 Inlet  Power Supply  1  10   OK  20C  Caution: N/A; Critical: N/A 

59-E-Fuse      Power Supply  4  9   OK  19C  Caution: 100C; Critical: N/A 

06-P1 DIMM 7-12  Memory  13  5   OK  0C  Caution: 90C; Critical: N/A 

While the tempeture still at below 60C I don't think there is a reson for the fan to run at such high speed.
Are there any thing that I can do to solve it? The fan has been run at 94% for a few days .


Re: DL-380 Gen 10 3 Fans always running at 94%Speed


Get the below changes done in RBSU:
System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Advanced Options > Fan and Thermal Options >Thermal Configuration>Optimal Cooling

Check the status now.

If it is already set to "Optimal Cooling" change the cooling mode to "Increased Cooling." and check for issue resolution.

If still issue perist shutdown the server
Drain the flea power by disconnecting any power input, all the external cables (including Power and Network), external devices and pressing and holding down the power button for 10 seconds.
Check the fans and be sure the air flows over the drive.
Reseat the fans. Also reseat any PCI cards if connected.

The following steps may be performed to clear NVRAM using the system maintenance switch on the system board:
a. Extend the server from the rack, remove the access panel, and locate the system maintenance switch (refer to item 1 in figure 1 below).
b. Move switch S6 from default 'Off' position to 'On', install the access panel and connect the power cable to the walljack and power it on.
c. When a message indicates that a maintenance switch has been turned on and the unit has been reset, power it off, remove the power cable from the walljack. Remove it from the rack,
remove the access panel and reverse switch S6 to 'Off' and then power the server back again.

Connect power cables again and see if the server behaves normal.
If still same issue reduce the server to minimum configuration.
Remove all external PCI cards attached to server.
Start adding parts in incremental manner to isolate the faulty component.

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Re: DL-380 Gen 10 3 Fans always running at 94%Speed

Thank you for the help !   I tried to change to increased cooling and reboot, nothing changed. But after unplug the power cable for 10sec and reboot, the fan won't run at full speed any more.

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Re: DL-380 Gen 10 3 Fans always running at 94%Speed

Hello, @twtaps_school 

Just want to let you know of a much simlper solution.  Simply login to iLO and select "Cold Boot".

That will do the trick, no need for any more trouble.  This is always needed after firmware flash, it's on the documentation.


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Re: DL-380 Gen 10 3 Fans always running at 94%Speed


I appreciate this ticket is now fairly old but wanted to add to the thread for any future viewers.

Having recently (back in January 2020) purchased a DL380 Gen 10, we experienced the same issue shortly after installation, following a reboot - in our case, 4 fans running at 94% and the other 4 running between 40 and 50% Following 'flea power release' steps did resolve and we did not encounter the issue again until yesterday when, following a reboot, we were back up to 94% fan speed. It appears HPE have released an update back in April to address this in the form of Innovation Engine Firmware release Specifically for us, the CPU temperature was not listed in the iLO interface temperature panel suggesting it couldn't read the value.

Windows release for :

As per the release notes, you do need to complete a reboot following the extraction to initiate the update.

If not already installed, the Channel Interface Driver. will be required. As always, worth checking for future releases before updating.


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Re: DL-380 Gen 10 3 Fans always running at 94%Speed

Cheers. You solved an issue we had with a client.