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Re: DL 380 Gen 10 fan noise issue

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Re: DL 380 Gen 10 fan noise issue

Same problem on Proliant ML110 Gen 10, all fans 1-4 at minimum 25%. All latest firmware installed BIOS U33 and iLO5 1.40. Thermal management set to optimal cooling. Any solutions?

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Re: DL 380 Gen 10 fan noise issue

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Re: DL 380 Gen 10 fan noise issue

It's an old thread, but I don't see much of the solution except updating to the latest BIOS and ILO firmware. This is my kludge for what it's worth.

The client complained on the fan noise of ML350 Gen10 that I installed. Indeed intolerable, reverberated from the server room throughout the whole building. 6 fans at 69%. The server is only days old, rust and dust not in the picture.

In ILO Power and Thermal I noticed HD controller temperature growth from 20C to 50C corresponded to the fan speed going from 13% at startup to 69% in 10 minutes and stayed there. The HD controller is located on the side of the motherboard in front of the PCI bus, empty in this case. I removed all 4 PCI blanks and bingo, the fans stayed at reasonably quiet 24% although the controller heated up to 45C. Apparently it takes a lot less speed to keep the HD controller in check when PCI blanks don't obstruct the air stream.

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Re: DL 380 Gen 10 fan noise issue

You are awesome, this way you can think of it, the ability to do it is super strong. In China, we call this: Sao operation!

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Re: DL 380 Gen 10 fan noise issue

For anyone else that runs into this., there is also an O/S driver component, at least for DL380 Gen10.

I didn't bother to use Intelligent Provisioning to install Windows Server 2019, and the fan noise was usually stuck around 23-25%. When I installed CentOS 7, the fans likewise remained at around the same speed.

I took a look at the latest SPP iso and ran the script to start SUM and looked at the individual packages. For those curious...

For Windows, the package that did the trick for lowering fan speeds was "iLO 5 Automatic Server Recovery Driver". I also has installed "iLO 5 Channel Interface Driver" before, and that alone did not do it.

For Linux, the equivalent is amsd -- Agentless Management Service (iLO 5) 

After installing these, fans run at ~11-13% on both operating systems.

I have not played around with ESXi yet, but suspect there might be a similar component, I suspect it is "HPE Offline Bundle for ESXi", but have not tried it myself yet. Presumably the right approach is to use Intelligent Provisioning in order that these drivers are installed on the respective operating systems.

Note that the fan speeds mentioned are after logging into O/S in idle and either having no PCI-E cards installed, or an 'unsupported' PCI-E card installed (e.g. GeForce GT 640), and two SATA SSDs installed in two of the bays of the standard 8SFF configuration.

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Re: DL 380 Gen 10 fan noise issue

I had the issue with fans running continuously at 40+%.  This occurred after unboxing a new DL380 Gen10 and applying all current firmware/BIOS/ILO updates.  At first I noticed randomly the fans would spike up briefly for a couple minutes and then subside, but repeat like that perhaps every 8 to 12 hours.  Temperatures were fine and power consumption would spike when the fans would kick in.  I contacted HP and they had me perform the steps below to clear NVRAM, which for now seems to have resolved the issue. Be sure to go and set your workload profile back to whatever you need after clearning NVRAM.

Problem Resolution:

  • Informed customer to clear NVRAM
  • shared steps to clear NVRAM
  • The Following steps will clear the NVRAM.
  • 1. Shut down the server and disconnect all the power supplies.
  • 2. Move the switch S6 (of system maintenance switch) to the other side.
  • 3. Power on the server and check for the message that the NVRAM has been cleared
  • 4. Shut down the server and move S6 to the original position.
  • 5. Power on the server.
  • - Safety notes: Please take all ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) safety precautions when performing any internal intervention on your server. When the server boots after NVRAM is cleared, a delay of up to 2 minutes is normal. During this delay, the system appears non-functional. Do not attempt any procedures during the delay.
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Re: DL 380 Gen 10 fan noise issue

I know the original post for this is older but I have newly had this issue after installing the SPP from 12-19.  After talking to tech support and them looking at logs their only solution was for me to go back to the SPP 09-19.  They wanted to accept that as a resolution and questioned why I was updating to the new service pack anyway.  Since this answer was not good enough for me as I expect it wouldn't be for most of us I started the process of elimination.  Of course, it was something I didn't expect would cause it so it was one of the last things I tried.  The HPE QLogic NX2 Online Firmware Upgrade Utility for Windows Server x64 Editions CP039780.  So if you encounter this problem then downgrade that update back to the older version 7.17.71 from the 09-19 SPP.