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DL 380 Gen 9 GPU compatability

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DL 380 Gen 9 GPU compatability

Hi all,

I have an older DL 380 Gen 9 with dual E5-2690-V3 processors. It gets used for CFD airflow simulations, and some other 3D work. The internal GPU really does an admirable job, however I am looking for a little more performance. I was looking to put an NVIDIA Quadro P4000 in the machine by way of the second (runs off of CPU 2) PCI-E riser (part number 719073-B21) I was looking for confirmation that the machine and processors will infact support and run the card, but also I am confused as to if the PCI-E riser alone will run the card, or if I need to order the GPU enablement kit (P.N. 719082-B21) in addition to the riser. Thanks for any help y'all can offer. 



Re: DL 380 Gen 9 GPU compatability


I understand that you want to use HPE NVIDIA Quadro P4000 Graphics Accelerator (Q0V78A). 

As per the server quickspecs, only E5-2600v4 processors support this GPU card. 

You would need to install the concerned riser card depending on the Slot in which the card will be installed in. 

The PS used should be atleast 1x1400W. 

A GPU enablement kit is required only when double wide GPU cards are installed unlike the P4000 card which is a single slot card. 

You could refer the same in Page Nos 34, 35 :


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