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DL 380G3 and storageworks autoloader 1/8

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DL 380G3 and storageworks autoloader 1/8

I connect the storagews to the scsi terminator integrated on the motherboard and the server won't start anymore. This is the error code cmd=11h, err=020h.
If i start the server without the autoloader it works fine. OS is win 2003 ent.
Any ideas? There is no compatibility between the scsi controller onboard and the autoloader?
Thanks in advance

Re: DL 380G3 and storageworks autoloader 1/8


The integrated External connector on a DL380G3 comes from the Raid chip Smart 5i+ (The second Channel). This channel can be free or can be connected to a part internal disks bays (Simplex or duplex Bay kit). If you are in duplex drive bay mode, you can not share that channel internaly and externaly.

Anyway what your duplex mode is, Tapes librairies are not supported on the Smart chip. You should then add a standard SCSI card in the server for that tape librairie, for exemple the 268351-B21 card that is a Dual channel U320 SCSI card. The cable should be the same if you managed to connect it to the Smart External connector of the DL380G3 (VHDCI).

best regards