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DL-380G4 FRO 64 BIT

DL-380 G4
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DL-380G4 FRO 64 BIT

HI, i want to ask about installing Microsoft Exchange server 2007 which rquires 64 Bit proccessor and software , so my DL-380G4 proccessor has 32 bit proccessor installed on it . Does my server have the Capability to replace the old proccessor (32bit) with a new one (64bit) or not .
server specification:
P/D :311143-421 - Rack-Mount
Procc.:Processor Intel Xeon Processor 3.4 GHz (up to 2 supported) Cache Memory 1MB level 2 cache
Ram :2 GB PC2-3200R 400MHz DDR2 with Advanced ECC and online spare memory capabilities
Storage Controller Ultra320 Smart Array 6i Controller (integrated on system board)
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Re: DL-380G4 FRO 64 BIT

Dec 14, 2008 04:01:51 GMT Unassigned

this are the supported processors
check which it's 64 compatible

Intel Xeon X3.2-1MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 374492-B21
Intel Xeon X2.8-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 397645-B21
Intel Xeon X3.0-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378748-B21
Intel Xeon X3.0-2MB/800MHz LV Processor Option Kit 397646-B21
Intel Xeon X3.2-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378749-B21
Intel Xeon X3.4-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378750-B21
Intel Xeon X3.6-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378751-B21
Intel Xeon X3.8-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378752-B21

by the way what a headache posting this

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Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: DL-380G4 FRO 64 BIT

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Prabhu Raj
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Re: DL-380G4 FRO 64 BIT

For your case, there is no hardware upgradation is necessary. You can install 64 bit OS on your existing hardware since your hardware supports EM64T.

For a true 64 bit hardware, only itanium based processors are supported with suitable board.