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DL 380G4 Memory error

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DL 380G4 Memory error

Hi Team,
I'm having an memory issues with DL380 G4 server. When i login to HPSM i can see a message that "Correctable Memory Error". I can see the same message in IML viewer as well. Not sure how to reead those errors and see if i can correct it, if possible..
Can someone help me on this please..
Thanks for ypur time on this..
Andras Ordogh
Valued Contributor

Re: DL 380G4 Memory error


it may be memory error or only false error (for example:

you may try the following :
- update latest firmware (fw dvd 9.1c, latest fw for dl380)

- install support pack 8.5 (latest psp for dl380)

you can download it from hp, if you have DL380 (not ML because there is no ML 380), win2k3 32 bit:

- run insight diagnostic. if insight diagnostic find memory error, you havt ot change memory module.


Re: DL 380G4 Memory error

Hi Mohan,

Correctable memory error indicates predictive failure of the memory. however, it depends no of error that's been generated and its frequency.

Correctable memory error can go away if you reseat the memory but that will fix the issue as it will fail one day.

Dl380 G4 system bios has lot of fixes related to memory espacifically uncorretable memory error.

So update the System bios, save the IML logs and clear them and monitor if it comes back. if it comes back then you have to replace the memory proactively.

hope this helps,


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Re: DL 380G4 Memory error

Hi Andras and Aftab,

Thanks for your time, I read through the document and found that if the error is not logged in IML, then it may be a false error. But i do see a log in IML and it is repeated so many times. Also, Advanced ECC is enabled on this memory and it is in the system board itself.
However i raised a HW call to replace the faulty memory..

Thanks again for your time on this! it's helpful..
Andras Ordogh
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Re: DL 380G4 Memory error

you're welcome!

please don't forget to assign ponints :)