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DL-380G6 Questions Re: VMware 4i

Dave Frook
Occasional Contributor

DL-380G6 Questions Re: VMware 4i

I would like to order some DL-380G6 servers without hard drives, instead I would like to use flash media cards.
HP 4GB SD Flash Media - HP Part Number 580387-B21

Does the DL-380 G6 come pre-installed from the HP factory with VMware 4i?

Is there only 1 Media slot available on the DL-380G6 motherboard for the HP 4GB SD Flash Media card?

What happens if there is a problem with this card? Would it make sense to have some sort of redundancy built in, like two falsh cards mirrored like the traditional Hard drive method?

Arian van der Pijl
Regular Advisor

Re: DL-380G6 Questions Re: VMware 4i


As far as my experience with ESX4i on SD;

There is only 1 internal SD-Slot available, leaving you with no redundant options.

To my knowledge, there is a HP customized VMware ESX4i installer, but you have to install ESX4i yourself.

(Order the HP SDcard and download the HP ESX4i or just the VMware ESX4i ISO)

Further about redundancy, there is a internal USB slot but I do not know if this is supported with ESX4i.

Maybe someone else will have a knowleadgeable reply ;-)