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DL 380p Gen8 + NC 365T problems ?

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DL 380p Gen8 + NC 365T problems ?


Need help, Server DL 380p Gen8 latest firmware update for bios, ilo and etc. All work fine, 4 fan installed - fan speed ~ 8-14 %, nice! We install NC 365T 4 port NIC card (it's in HPE compability list for this server), server boot up normaly, all green in ILO, but ILO see NC 365T as Intel 82850 nic (not HPE NC365T) and fan speed ~ 34 - 36 % with more noise then before. OS: WinServer 2012 R2.

We try install another NIC 365T in this server = fan speed 34-36%, ok, we install 365Tnic in another SAME config and FW DL380p G8 server = fan speed SAME 34-36 % .and ILO show Intel 82850 ...    

So questions: 

Why server speed up fans with this nic 365T ? With add on (2-nd) NC 331t = NO FAN speed up or noise ... 

Why original HPE device detected as "no name" Intel NIC ?

How we can get FW and HPE drivers update for NC365T, it's no FW downloads for it on site for WS2012R2 (((  HPE 2008R2 - 2012 drivers NOT work for whis nic ... 

Tnx for any help!

P.S. HPE where are you ? All hardware in HPE support lits but don't work normaly ...

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Re: DL 380p Gen8 + NC 365T problems ?

Please download and install Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version Gen8.1 from below link:

The behaviour described could be because the card health/ temperature status is not able to be communicated.

Use the SPP media to upload  componets including NIC components.

If issue persists please log a case with HPE support teams directly for investigation.

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