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DL 385 G2 BIOS Upgrade

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DL 385 G2 BIOS Upgrade

We were facing a Problem with Memory AECC threshold Exceed Error with DL 385 G2 , on 29th July HP released a BIOS Update which has a fix to this problem , (Type: BIOS - System ROM
Version: 2008.05.29 (29 Jul 2008) )

out server is DL 385 G2 dual processor High performance where Memory was installed in pairs on bank A and Bank C (as it arrived from HP)

The Problem after applying this patch is :
we got an error while restarting saying memory should be in pairs and system halted

now we changed the memory to Bank A and Bank B and server boots ,is it the right way or any comments ,

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Re: DL 385 G2 BIOS Upgrade

hi zubairkasim

no worries the configuration you have right now is OK. I mean HP states that for DL385 G2 Processor 2 can be installed without memory modules for it so no worries for your configuration it's fine.

When there are two processors Bank A and "C" can be populated but if you want to have Proc 2 with no memory there is no problem.

page 46

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: DL 385 G2 BIOS Upgrade

Thanks for reply

The same document says to instal in pairs since server seems to be ok i will work with bank A and Bank B

DIMM installation guidelines

â ¢ Install memory in pairs (banks) beginning with banks farthest away from each populated processor
(banks A and C).
o Processor 2 can be installed without memory.
o Any memory installed into banks for processor 2 can be used only if processor 2 is installed.