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DL-385 Gen 10 and NVMe

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DL-385 Gen 10 and NVMe


We have a sister unit that has offered us a few DL-385 Gen10 Servers (SMB Base model (P something or other)). Great machines, great reviews, but we're mostly transitioned off of SAS to NVMe, and these things come with the 8 SFF SAS chassis. =(

So, what are the possibilities for re-configuration.?  From deep-diving HP documentation (what haven't I looked at!) NVMe is certainly an option, but I'll be danged if I can figure out whether or not this kind of conversion is even field possible.  As we all know, finding the part numbers(*) and Service Manuals that demonstrate cable routing and riser replacment is easy.  I've even got a building full of Elec. Engineers (some of who work on other HP servers).

So, the question I'm after is: has anyone done this or know of doing this?  We could even live with leaving the 8SFF Chassis in Bay 1, and populating the other bays. Of course we'd have to get 2nd Processor, but again is it even possible?

Apprecate any insight you can lend.


(*) i.e. NVMe Enablement Kit (826689-B21), High Perf Fan kit, (867810-B21), NVMe Risers for box 1 (867807-B21),Box 2 (873732-B21), Box 3 (867808-B21)

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Re: DL-385 Gen 10 and NVMe

it sounds like you've answered your own question. 826689-B21 can be added along with the appropriate riser to enable NVME, along with high perf fans and an additional CPU if you use the 2nd or 3rd NVME riser. Field upgrade is no problemo, customers do this with BTO smartbuy servers all the time.


Re: DL-385 Gen 10 and NVMe


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Please elevate this case to HPE service , case need analysis with respect to configuration..


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