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DL 560 Hardware Problem

Ryan Baker
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DL 560 Hardware Problem

I am very new to Proliant servers and am having an issue with my DL 560. While running I sometimes get a Windows blue screen that states there was a Hardware problem and not a lot of other information. I looked at the led’s on the motherboard and found 2 amber. They appeared to be labeled CR42 and CR44. Any ideas on what the problem is?
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Re: DL 560 Hardware Problem


this PDF shows which LEDs are in System Board
which of them you're refering
System Board LEDs, page 76 or 78(in PDF)

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Re: DL 560 Hardware Problem

Hi, the following questions would help us track down the possible root cause.

Was the OS assisted installed with Smart Start CD? If not did you apply the latest PSP after the manual installation?

Is the BIOS, and other firmware up to date?

Next time you get the blue screen, try to write down the BS code and put it here so that we can take a look at it.

Was the server brought down to its minimal configuration? If not, remove all extra processors and extra memory, also remove all PCI cards and disconnect all extra cables such as USB, SCSI, Network. Try the server in that way and let us know the results. It after you do this server does not BS start adding components one by one and you will find out the defective one (if that is the case)

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