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DL 580 G2 unable to boot to CD-DROM

Matthew Hale_1
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DL 580 G2 unable to boot to CD-DROM

I have what I consider to be a straightforward issue, but it is becoming less straightforward as I work through troubleshooting it....

Here's the scenario that I'm facing:

I have a Proliant DL 580 G2 that sat unused for 12 months. I now have a need for it and wish to install Windows Server 2003 OS on it.

I can't get a SmartStart or Windows OS CD to be recognized. The POST goes through & attempts to boot to CD-ROM and goes right on to Floppy, then NIC....

The "messages" (not errors) given is "Attempting Boot from CR-ROM, Floppy, Hard Drive C:, NIC" etc...

The CD disk access led activates on POST & when a disc is inserted.

Here are the particulars:
- Compaq BIOS P27, dated 10/07/02
- 4096 MB of ECC memory installed
- Two Intel 1.4GHz processors installed

Standard Boot order:
IPL:2 Floppy
IPL:3 Hard Drive C:
IPL:4 PCI slot 6 Compaq NC7770 GB server adapter

Boot Controller Order:
Ctlr:1 PCI Slot 2 Compaq Smart Array 5300 Controller
Ctlr:2 PCI Embedded Compaq Integrated PCI IDE Controller
Ctlr:3 PCI Embedded Compaq Smart Array 5i Controller

I tried switching dip switch #4 on system board (Set On, then set to Off again w reboots in between) - No change in boot sequence

I selected Advanced Options > Erase NV Memory - No change in boot sequence

I swapped Boot Controller 1 & 3 - No change in boot sequence

I tried turning PCI Embedded Compaq Smart Array 5i Controller IRQ assignment on. - No change in boot sequence

I'm using known good bootable Windows Server 2003 and SmartStart v7.7 CDs. (They work fine on another system).

What am I missing?
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Re: DL 580 G2 unable to boot to CD-DROM


there is a more recent System ROM

also I can recommend you to use ilo if you don't have the license to enable virtual media you can use a trial license while you install your server.
This is because your server has ilo
"Integrated Lights-Out Standard Management (iLO) on system board"

this link is to get a ilo trial license

and this is the manual for ilo

HP Integrated Lights-Out User Guide for HP Integrated Lights-Out firmware 1.91〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64179&taskId=101&prodTypeId=18964&prodSeriesId=397989#0

and this is the the whole Firmware CD

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: DL 580 G2 unable to boot to CD-DROM


Can you borrow the CD-ROM drive from another server ~(DL380 G2,G3,G4, DL385, DL360 G4 all have the same CD-ROM drive).

On most of these models it just pops out with the drive eject button next to the drive assembly. It should not require shutdown as plug and play will detect the change when removed and inserted.

Apologies if you have already tried a replacement CD-ROM drive.


Matthew Hale_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL 580 G2 unable to boot to CD-DROM

Thanks for the suggestions.

I'll try the ILO updates, but I'm not optimistic at loading them until I get another CDROM drive.

I don't have another server with a compatible drive to test out, but I'll try to rustle something up.

Here's what I've done since originally posting my message:

I have tried an external USB CD drive & have been able to get as far as the SmartStart & Firmware CDs being recognized and the server trying to boot.

I'm given an option to load from CD or hard drive, when I select the CD option both the SmartStart & Firmware screens count up to 100% loading then the screen goes light gray and that's as far as things go. It appears to be a video driver issue.

Other than a new CD drive, any other thoughts or suggestions.

As always, your input and support are greatly appreciated.