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DL 580 G2

Jay Rhoten
Occasional Contributor

DL 580 G2


I've been receiving this message periodically through the event log. I recently installed some adapters and thought that they (the adapters) were running MUCH faster than this.

I reviewed the DL 580 G2 doco and found that ALL slots are supposedly 100Mhz. Why am I receving this message? What do I do to enable 100Mhz speed?

Event Type: Information
Event Source: CPQPHP
Event Category: None
Event ID: 19
Date: 6/1/2004
Time: 7:06:22 AM
User: N/A
Computer: DBSRVR1
hp ProLiant PCI Hot Plug
Hot plug capable slots 5-6 are running at 33MHz (PCI mode).
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 580 G2

Are both adapters in slot 5 and 6 PCI-x cards? Slot 5 and 6 are on a different PCI-x bus and all cards in the bus have to be PCI-X cards for the bus to operate at its PCI-x potential.
There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 580 G2


the server will be having 2 channels what i am requesting right now to change from channel one to channel 2 then check. Does it make any change for you.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 580 G2

Hi Jay,

It seems that the cards do not support PCI-X (64bit/133MHz)bus speed.

You could try the following:
1. Reboot the server.
2. At the POST, you should be able to see a PCI Bus Balancing Violation Error/Information prompt, requesting you to press a button (Can't remember off the top of my head).
3. Press this button as specified in step 2 above.
4. The option should narrow down the cause.

However, most importantly, have you upgraded your SYSTEM BIOS to the latest version? Also, could you specify if you are running the latest adapter drivers, i.e. have you installed the latest Proliant Support Pack on the server?

Hope this will be of help to you and don't forget to assign points:)

Jay Rhoten
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL 580 G2


First of all, thanks for your responses. Perhaps a little more information is in order.

There are two computers exhibiting this behaviour. One has the adapters split across two PCI bus and the other has the adapters on the same PCI bus.

I forgot to mention that I'm using an SAN host bus adapter. It's an Emulex derivative, I believe that it's re-sold by HP.

I have been to the HP website for the hardware drivers & firmware and installed the latest SSD, flashed the BIOS, updated the NIC driver, and even insured the 5i SCSI controller is current.

All in all, is this a message I can ignore?