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DL 580 G3 Does not start at all Urgent


DL 580 G3 Does not start at all Urgent

Dear All,

We have a Dl 580 G3 server, which is part of a cluster. The customer reported the server does not boot after a power failure at the site.

We inspected the server.
The server does get the power.

The fans are working fine and they does change the speed at the boot time as well as when we remove one fan.

Apart from that the server does not initialize at all.

No error indication with the LEDs for intrnal and external health.

The Board building LED of the memory drawer keeps on blinking as if it is rebuilding.

The media module (Quickfind diagnostics) numeric LED diaplay shows different numbers when we replaced two System boards.

We have done some extensive tests as such, replaced one item at a time with all the boards. Did boot the server with minimum configuration. Did boot with different memory configs. Did boot with a single processor. Cleared the NVRAM.

Only board which has not replaced is the media module (Quickfind diagnostics).

We logged through the iLO (Text mode). The display says it is in a non supported mode. The server status log show false memory configurations compared to what is actual.

Please help us on this as we have already spent few days working full time.