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DL 580 and W2k Adv

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DL 580 and W2k Adv

We have to install in a medium-large customer environment several DL580G1 W2k Adv servers. Now we installed the OS with an assisted Smartstart 5.0 installation and it's properly working (exept the problem, that the startpartition was shrunked to 4GB FAT instead the desired and in pre-installation interviews entered 9 GB NTFS). The customers now want to disable the PnP service due to expected failures in case of hardware errors. After disabling that PnP service we noticed, that the time until a successfull logon was expanded to nearly 30 minutes (always showing the nice sandwatch). Enabling it again will bring the system to an usable status with normal login times.
Has Compaq/HP any documents that confirm not expecting problems with enabling this service on a W2k installation ?

Additionally we noticed, that under W2k two display adapters were found, the one from the RIBloe and the one on the system board. Is there any possibility to disable the integrated videoadapter and only the RIB will be installed ? By the way: this is another reason why the customer wants to disable PnP.

Tips and tricks and any links welcome.

Thx in advance !