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DL-585 BIOS/POST Problem wtih RAID Controller

Martin Skarda
Occasional Visitor

DL-585 BIOS/POST Problem wtih RAID Controller

Hi All,

my DL-585 doesn't recognize an ServeRAID-6M (IBM/Adaptec) on POST: When I plug in the RAID-Adapter regardless on which PCI slot the system boot stops on POST of this controller. I've tried the two available BIOS Versions A01-08/26/2005 and A01-06/14/2005 but the behaviour didn't change. I also tried do disable all other internal onboard devices of the server to avoid any conflict whith those PCI devices, but nothing helps. I am completely stumped, beacuse this is a standard PCI adapter card, which works in all other 64Bit system we tested.

Any idea how can I get the controller working in this server?

thanks and kind regards,
Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: DL-585 BIOS/POST Problem wtih RAID Controller

I would say the server is seeing the controller during post, but you're right it may not be recognizing it correctly. Does the server give an error during post?
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
Martin Skarda
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL-585 BIOS/POST Problem wtih RAID Controller

Hi Terry,

no there is neither any error message nor I could jump into the system maintenance menu to start any diagonstics.

The server simply stops (or loops within its BIOS request??) on the POST of my RAID adapter. Normally I see a counting timer during the POST, but when the adapter is plugged into this server, the ticker of the POST is shown but doesn't count backwards. Even the server doesn't hang, it simply stops: Eg. I could perform a warm start in this situation.

If you could tell me how I can get more diagonstig information, I'll send ...

with kind regards,