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DL 585 Memory Upgrade

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DL 585 Memory Upgrade

Hi Mates,
I have a DL585 G2 Server, I need upgrade memory, we buy a 4Gb memory Kit (2x2gb), the problem is that when I try to install this memory Kit the server not work, I search in HP web site to verify the memory part number is compatible with this server and Yes it is.
The memory part number is 408853-b21, in the hp quickspecs web site appears this part number for this models, however don´t working.
Attach the links.

Thanks everybody.


Modris Bremze
Esteemed Contributor

Re: DL 585 Memory Upgrade

How does "server not work" manifest itself?
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 585 Memory Upgrade

Apart from the question by Modriz.

How many processors are in your system?
How did you populate the memory banks?

In the DL585 doc's there are several other "rules" to follow for a supported memory configuration.
It's not just about having the correct part-number.

=> see page 38 of the quickspecs:
- DIMMs must be installed in decreasing capacity with the largest DIMMs installed in the banks furthest away from each processor.
- DIMM banks are active only when the corresponding processor socket is populated.
=> if you put the DIMs is sockets for a processor that is not installed in your system, then offcourse it wont work.
=> solution : move the DIMMS to other slots