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DL 585 Support for RHEL 7.5+


DL 585 Support for RHEL 7.5+

I had some basic questions about the DL585 G7 support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. 

Based on this document the DL585 G7 has support for RHEL 7.

However when I check this document the HPE Service Pack support is up to RHEL 7.5.

If we install RHEL 7.6 or above on a DL585 G7 will be in a configuration which is supported by HPE? 

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Re: DL 585 Support for RHEL 7.5+


RHEL 7.0 is the minimum supported distribution of RHEL 7 on DL585 G7.

OS support matix :

The document SPP OS Guide shows only the mapping of supported Linux distributions to SPP releases

The last supported SPP for all G7 servers is G7.1  , and this release does not include RHEL 7.6

refer release notes :

For any new drivers,  you will have to search in HPE support center with product number.



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Re: DL 585 Support for RHEL 7.5+

Hi Shwetha3,

Thanks for your advice.

For DL 585 GEN7 I can see some recent drivers which were released after RHEL: 7.6 became available and a specific Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Update 6 driver at

However, as you say, there is no SPP for RHEL 7.6.

Does this mean RHEL7.6 and above is not supported by HPE on DL 585 GEN7 hardware?

Regards, Karl