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DL 585 g4 ?

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DL 585 g4 ?

Good Day.  I have a DL585 server with a G4 label on the front cover.  However there are no G4 drivers etc on the HP site.  How do i know which drivers/firmware etc goes with this server? Is there a G4?  HP Ssytem Managment reports its a G1, but i am worried that a previous technician updated the wrong bios and that is why it is reporting g1?  My server is restarting a couple of times a day and i am trying to get all the latest drivers and firmware etc loaded to see if it fixes the problem.

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Re: DL 585 g4 ?

As you can see there is a G1, G2,G5,G6,G7 listed:

There was a DL580 G4, but this is different.

They all look different, so it should be easy to compare the pictures or read the product number from the label ...

I doubt a wrong BIOS can even be installed.

Hope this helps!

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