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DL Tape Drives could not recognise in DL380G4 server

Chris Viernes
Occasional Contributor

DL Tape Drives could not recognise in DL380G4 server

Hi all

Im just having issue here on installing my DLT tape drives (35/70GB DLT7000) to the new server DL380G4. The server comes with two controller which is Smart Array 642 controller and Smart Array 6i. I've setup my 6-SCSI hardrives into 6i and configured as DUPLEX and that gives me the option not to use the external SCSI port. But since I've used the duplex of 6i, I should be able to use the PCI Smart Array 642 external SCSI port. But once I've connected the DLT tape drives.. an error displayed to the screen stating that the controller encountered error and is current disabled.

Question: Is the Smart Array 642 capable of driving DLT tape drives? Do I need to buy a new controller for my DLT drive?

Please help and advise what should I do. Any suggestions would really appreciated.

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: DL Tape Drives could not recognise in DL380G4 server

Hi Cris,

Controllers specs: (not supported for dlt)

This links are for your clarifications.

Compatibility with server :
Compatiblity with the server but re require following controllers :


Hope it help you, but conclusion is that u require a additonal controller.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Chris Viernes
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL Tape Drives could not recognise in DL380G4 server

Hi Prashant

Thanks for your respose... but im just wondering.. the link that you've given to me specifies that it may be able to drive DLT drives with the ff controllers:

Embedded Smart Array 6i controller (external and hot-plug tape drives only)

And this is actually embedded with the server itself. The only problem is that I have configured all my 6 SCSI hardrives in SA 6i (duplex mode). can you please confirm if 6i can drive my tandberg DLT7000.please advise.

Also, if this is possible, can i swap the scsi hardrvies into SA642 without losing the data and OS in hardrives.. so that i can use the 6i to drive my DLT tapes...

or should i just buy new controller? if so, can you please suggest what controller should i pick for my dlt7000 (35/70GB).

Thank you very much!