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DL120 Expansion ROM not initialized

Michael Mount
Occasional Visitor

DL120 Expansion ROM not initialized

BIOS Error Message:
Expansion ROM not initialized - PCI on motherboard
BUS:02 Device:04 Function: 00
F1 to Continue, F10 enter setup

Proliant DL 120 G5 (Intel Xeon)
HP onboard Raid 1(2x160GB SATA)
PCI-X and PCI-E riser card
PCI card "Digicard 4r" in PCI-X slot

BIOS info:
ProLiant BIOS: 022
Bios version: V1.08
Build Date: 07/03/08

Additional Comments:
When "DigiCard 4r" PCI card is installed in PCI-X slot on Riser Card. Error will occur.

Have tried another "DigiCard 4r" PCI card in PCI-X slot but Error will occur.

This error occurs on all 5 new Proliant DL120's with same configuration.

"DigiCard 4r" works on DL360 and DL380 servers.

PCI-X riser board specs are same according to HP documentation. (3.3V PCI-X support)

Have Reset Bios - still get error.

Have reloaded Bios - no new version available(!)

Have disabled all onboard devices (USB, SATA controller, etc) - still get error.

Please help...