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DL120 G5 BSOD and reboot loop after fresh installation


DL120 G5 BSOD and reboot loop after fresh installation

Hard drives crashed on an HP Proliant GL120 G5 server.  Got new drives installed.  Array built.  Ran the full OEM diagnostics that came with the server, along with CHKDSK.  Everything is fine with all of the hardware.  Reinstalled from the OEM discs that came with the server.  Keep getting BSOD that quickly disappears and then a reboot.  If I attempt to boot into safe mode, it does the BSOD once it gets to CRCDISK.SYS and then reboots.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: DL120 G5 BSOD and reboot loop after fresh installation

To start with ensure there are no Fault LED on the server.
If possible check System board LED indicators as well to ensure hardware is functioning fine.

Refer Page 93-94:

If all looks good ensure you are using a supported operating system.
You can verify the same here:

Few other things which you can check:-
Does the server still BSOD if we disconnect from network?
Does Task Manager show a particular process taking up CPU?
Does this BSOD occur at a particular time of day, or does it occur when certain operations like backup etc are performed?
Is there any external storage device connected to server?

If all looks good from Hardware end I suggest you Uncheck the Automatic Reboot from Windows
Go to Control Panel--> Systems--> Advance System Settings-->Advance Tab-->Click Setting on Startup Recovery-->Settings-->Uncheck Automatically Restart

Collect Kernel Memory DUMP:-
Right Click on Computer >> System Properties >> Advanced Tab >> Startup and Recovery section >> Settings >> Write debugging information >> Kernel memory dump.
Check in folder “C:\windows\Memory.DMP”, which is a default folder for Memory DUMP and check if this is the most recent one.

Note - Set Pagefile size accordingly (size equal to the Total Memory Size + 1 MB) and Enable Kernel Memory DUMP.

Engage Operating system vendor for Memory DUMP analysis.

I work for HPE

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Re: DL120 G5 BSOD and reboot loop after fresh installation

There is nothing wrong with any of the hardware.  I ran the full HP Diagnostics Utility from the disc that orginally came with the system.  It passed all tests.

I am using the same operating system installation disc that came with the system, which is Windows Server 2008 Foundation.

I am unable to boot all the way into Windows.  It gives the BSOD after CRCDISK.SYS loads.  So, I am unable to make any configuration changes form within Windows.

I was able to get the BSOD code: 0x0000007b (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE), which indicates a problem with the HP Embedded G5 SATA RAID Controller Driver for Windows Server 2003 driver I am using.  That driver allows Windows to be installed, but it does not allow Windows to boot.