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DL120 G5 Install Web Server 2008 via WDS

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DL120 G5 Install Web Server 2008 via WDS

I have got a DL120 G5 with the intention of hosting a site via IIS. The server has no optical drive.

I have tried installing Windows Web Server 2008 via Windows Deployment Services.

PXE got an IP via DHCP and it started to install from the network image.

Initially, it would not install because it could not find a driver for the NIC. I installed the 'HP NC-Series Broadcom 1Gb Driver for Windows Server 2008' from this site and it passed that bit.

Next try it passes that point. However, shortly afterwards Windows complained that it could not get an address from DHCP and the install could not continue. At this point, there are no lights on the NIC or the switch port where it is plugged into where there was earlier in the process.

Is there a problem with the hardware, or do I need different / additional drivers?
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Re: DL120 G5 Install Web Server 2008 via WDS

I forgot to mention, this is the 32bit edition.
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Re: DL120 G5 Install Web Server 2008 via WDS


did you get lights out 100? optional card?
or an external CDROM?

since you are loading the correct driver but...

also if broadcom is not lying to me this is the Broadcom driver for those NICs

you can give it a try
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