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DL120 G5 - Win2008x64 drivers for embedded sata?

Kelly Brady
Occasional Visitor

DL120 G5 - Win2008x64 drivers for embedded sata?

I have a DL120 G5 with two Sata drives and embedded SATA RAID0/1 controller. The drivers for this server are not on the Server 2008 x64 DVD. HP Support provided a recommended driver; with it I am able to install Windows 2008, but it eventually fails with the message "Operating System Not Found".

The motherboard was just replaced by HP for an unrelated reason; it has happened on both motherboards and teh latest BIOS.

Anyone solve this problem somehow?
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Re: DL120 G5 - Win2008x64 drivers for embedded sata?

I has a similar issue on a ML150. The solution was to boot with the Smart Start 8.30 or Easy Start CDROM. This loaded the correct driver for Win2006x64.

Smart Start is the preferred method because it will also install HP System Management and all the needed drivers.

Also I recall seeing some issue with the controller firmware that is related to this issue. It should be updated:
Kelly Brady
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL120 G5 - Win2008x64 drivers for embedded sata?

Hi - thanks for the response! Yes, we knew about the bios update and performed it. They don't make a Smart-Start or Easy-Start disk for the DL120's...

It looks like what happened is there was a motherboard failure. The failure did something to the drives themselves, so even after the motherboard was replaced, the drivers were still fried.

HP is onsite right now as I type replacing the motherboard again and both drives...we'll see how that works out!

Thanks again for replying!