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DL120 G6

Charlie Hawkins2
Frequent Advisor

DL120 G6

Just got 2x DL120 G6, I'm initially setting these things up with a single 300gb HD. But when i'm booting them up, they don't see the HD at all! I go into bios and try changing the advanced options on the controller from RAID/DISABLED/AHCI/COMPATIBLE, but none of them are making any difference. The drives light up during post.
And updated the rom recently with no changes.

I notice when the server is booting up without a HD installed, it shoots past the "8192k cache" during post in seconds. When the HD is in, it takes about 30-45 seconds. Normal?

These are single sata hot plug 300gb drives.
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: DL120 G6


Is that the standard B110 controller you are using?
Where do you not see them? In POST?
What if you try to install an OS? Beware that you may have to load drivers for the controller card.

There is no 300GB (250GB are) SATA hot plug disks in the quickspecs.