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[DL120] P410 array controler for a 4*1TB disks

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[DL120] P410 array controler for a 4*1TB disks

Hi everybody , i'm here today to ask you some questions about a recebt problem i had and i need solve quickly .


Here's the deal : I'm installing a DL120 server , with a P410 array controler , 4 1TB disks and Windows server 2k8 R2 Standard .


The fact is that , after the initialisation of my raid 5 , from the array manager ( SmartStart setup ) , my raid is completely created , and , all I need is to set my windows . No big deal . Setting a 120GB partition for my OS , and , then , the installation Start . One question here : is it possible to take a part of each disks to create this partation ? .


By the way , my real question is incoming . After the installation ends , the fact is that i can't use a part of my disk , caused by the fact that , only 2TB are usable , and , anything after the 2TB , something ike 750 GB , is unusable , so , my computer don't want to do any updates , can't install a software or anything , because of this . The question is , HOW can I set up my system to make sure i'll have at least 2.7TB usable , cause that's basically what i need now  ?


Thanks for reading , hope i'll have some answers soon ,


regards ,


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Re: [DL120] P410 array controler for a 4*1TB disks



Create two logical drives in ACU: one is 120GB RAID1+0 and another (rest of your size) RAID5.

Then you'll do the trick.

You're probably facing the known limitation in Windows when boot (or system ? don't remember the right name) partition couldn't be more than 2 TB.