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DL120G5 embadded SATA RAID configuration

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DL120G5 embadded SATA RAID configuration


We brought ProLiant DL120G5 sever, 2GB RAM, 2 unit SATA HDD 160G. Planning to install Linux Redhat Enterprise 5.2 (kernel 2.6.18-92.el5-i686) with RAID 1. I'm not sure about configuration in HP Embadded SATA RAID controller BIOS V5.0-0 B2235. Do you have any reference on configure SATA RAID1? BIOS SATA RAID already enable.

During create array, which option to choose on Create RAID via? Build,Clear,Quick Init.

Do you know when to turn on the option Mark/Unmark Bootable Array? Do I need to turn on Enble/Disable Write Cache?

How to recover if I put a new SATA HDD?

Thanks for attention.
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Re: DL120G5 embadded SATA RAID configuration

lot of info here

1. Quick init much better
2. Bootable array not needed really
3. it is up to you, test transfer rate with Cache enable and disable
4. rebuild process PDF below
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