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DL140 G1 OS

Butch Cassidy
Occasional Contributor

DL140 G1 OS

My Gaming Clan recently purchased a DL140 G1 2P 3.2 xeon and we have several questions regarding installing the OS.

1)Does this server Support Windows Server 2003 x64?

2)If yes where can we get the drivers etc.

3)We intend to use this server for running online games only is windows server 2003 our best option for an OS

4)We can find no Raid on this server but have noted repeated references to installing Raid Array drivers does this mean raid is indeed available on the server?

Any help is very much appreciated
timmy b.
Honored Contributor

Re: DL140 G1 OS

Hey, Butch. Sundance here.

Go here for basic overview:

Go here for more in depth info:

I hope it all helps.

Good Luck - Tim
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Re: DL140 G1 OS

Hi Butch,

This server does not support Windows 2003 x64. It only support
Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, and
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Regarding mass storage this server comes with "Integrated Dual Channel Ultra ATA-100 Adapter" and can have connected a non-hot swap drives in to it only. Raid array drivers are required for Smart array controllers which i don't think you have that unless u added it after you buy the server.

So no woriies for array drivers

Amha Kassa