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DL140 G2 and SATA Controller

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DL140 G2 and SATA Controller


I'm having problems installing driver for an Adaptec SATA card on DL140 G2 server.
The driver CD is bootable, the Bios is configured to boot from CD but the CD doesn't boot.
Is there a problem with DL140 G2 and SATA cards? Any other ideas?

I'm freeking out!!!


Sebastián A. La Spina
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL140 G2 and SATA Controller

Hi! I dont know wich SATA card have the DL140 server but i´ve compiled the driver modules for the MV88SX6041.
I`ve instaled a fedora 4 on a ML150 G2 last week, i red a little how to:

There are some tricks, so Ià ´ve downloaded the patched driver source at: ,compile it and probe it!

There is a i686 compiled driver for u brand new fedora after install it:
driver module for ur 1329 kernel version. (to install fedora u need the i586 one).
Finally, I install a CentOS 4.2... its more similar to RHEL4 (its has HP support).
I have the compiled drivers for all Stages of CentOS instalation. :P

Tell me if its works! I hope this will help you.If not come back!

Sorry by my indian english :D

Sebastià ¡n A. La Spina
3GByte Tech.
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Re: DL140 G2 and SATA Controller

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your replay!

I'm installing the driver for Adaptec 1210SA SATA Card.
The OS is going to be Redhat Enterprise Linux 3(RHEL 3). It is actually eSafe server. The eSafe application is built on SPLAT - Secure Platform Linux based on RHEL 3.

I've spoken with HP Israel Support and they could only tell me that they can't support non HP Card.

I need to know if this server model(DL140 G2) support Adaptec SATA card and I couldn't find an answer on the web.... :(

Thanks for all the links but I don't think it can help me.

Any other ideas?

Thanks :)