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DL140 G3 Adaptec 5405 PCIE POST hang

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DL140 G3 Adaptec 5405 PCIE POST hang


we just got an Adaptec 5405 PCIE SAS/SATA controller to fit into one of our DL140 G3's. The card is known good and verified in another matchine.

When the card is installed in either PCIE slot on the backplane (8x or 16x), the machine boots to the point where it is obviously attempting to initialise the BIOS on the card and then hangs. No amount of fiddling in the bios can get around this.

Has anyone experienced this? I've flashed the firmware on the DL140 and the HBA card to the latest available. Is this card simply not compatible with the DL140 G3?
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Re: DL140 G3 Adaptec 5405 PCIE POST hang

Hello Philmes

The card that you are installing is not tested on this server, since this is non HP HW it may work or it may not work

For the server to work without a problem it is recommended to use the options that you find in the quickspecs, this will assure you a good operation of the box

Check this link

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Re: DL140 G3 Adaptec 5405 PCIE POST hang

I got the same problem here.

I couldn't find a compatibility matrix for hp DL140G3 with matching adaptec raid controllers that would possibly work.

Since specifications per se. I concluded that this card would work this the server but FAILED.

After the POST it just do nothing. I pressume that the BIOS don't know what to do when an instruction was given by the user. ie F10 or F12; it is just not responding.

Need help with this. :-)

Prabhu Raj
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Re: DL140 G3 Adaptec 5405 PCIE POST hang

The below raid controller will work on DL140 G3 model. Please do a little consulting and search before choosing an accessory model.

HP Smart Array E200 Controller

HP Smart Array E200/128 BBWC Controller

128-MB BBWC (Battery-Backed Write Cache) Enabler