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DL140 G3: CPU temperature sensors failing

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DL140 G3: CPU temperature sensors failing

Hi guys,


I have the following machine:


Description: ProLiant DL140G3
Version: 436602-001 


IPMI Version: 2.0

Firmware Version: 2.21

Hardware Version: 1.0 


BIOS: Version v1.18 (2009.06.03)  Rev. A; Version: O08


Whenever I had the server in front of me, I immediately upgraded BIOS and LO100i to the versions listed above (not writing down the original ones).


1-2 days later, the CPU temperature monitoring sensors became in status "unavailable" and - as a result - the CPU fans' speed increased to ~15 000 RPM.

I restarted the server and after that temperature sensors were working fine (showing ~40 deg. C); the fans' speed was back to normal (8 000 RMP).

The same story repeated two times for the last one day.


Please advice what could be the problem and how to solve it!


Thanks in advance,



Re: DL140 G3: CPU temperature sensors failing



as per my personal experience, this could be due to inconsistent firmware. you may try reflashing those firmware and check..


you may try the previous version of system bios if does not help then downgrade the ilo firmware.


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Re: DL140 G3: CPU temperature sensors failing

Hi there,


It has to do with the BIOS and BMC firmware versions. I downgraded the BIOS and no change had been observed. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to perform further tests by downgrading of BMC for example. I just replaced the server with another one. It has the same issues with not working sensors but this time I didn't upgrade anything. I just left it that way and the fans' speed is normal.

I don't really care if I will have the information of the CPU's temperature or not as long as the temperature of the CPUs is being controlled (already confirmed). So, that's in basics the case.


Regards and many thanks,