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DL140 G3 OS install

Occasional Contributor

DL140 G3 OS install

I am unable to get Server 2003 to install on my server.. I have fought with this thing for about a week and a half now, and its driving me nuts. The server has no internal floppy or CD drive. I do have an HP internal drive i pilfered form another server that I can use on it, or a generic (non-hp) USB CD drive, as well as a non-HP external Floppy.

My system will not find the hard drives after loading drivers. Immediatly before the message pops up in the server 2003 install saying that, i do see the lights on the 2 SATA (RAID 1) flash for a moment..

Loading from RIS, i got the drivers integrated into the RIS image enough to get past the network card driver issue, then managed to get past the BSOD i was getting in regards to the RAID drivers.. But still, no hard drive found with any of the RAID drivers for that server..

Loading from N-Lite'd CD (as I read on many threads here) I am now getting an error telling me i am missing hpcisss2.sys, and the install will stop..

This is drving me insane, i have tried about everything with this machine.. Any additional ideas?