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DL140 G3 Processor Upgrade from L5320 to E5345


DL140 G3 Processor Upgrade from L5320 to E5345



I have two DL140 G3 servers with L5320 processors that I will be using in test environment. I have installed ESXi 5.0 on both the servers and was trying to test VSA but received an error message that minimum processor requirement is 2 GHz. The HP DL140 G3 documentation (link provided below) states that it support E5345. In the documentation L5320 has a Note stating "Available via Factory Integration Only" where as E5345 doesn't.


I have two questions.


1. Can I upgrade the processor to E5345 or will I run into problems since my current processor is L5320 which is a low voltage processor.

2. The documentation states the use of 4 GB memory but I suspect that 8 GB memory wasn't widely available at the time the server was released but now you can get 8 GB so can I use 8 GB? I am planning to upgrade my server to 16 GB so rather than getting 4 x 4 GB I will get 2 x 8 GB.





Re: DL140 G3 Processor Upgrade from L5320 to E5345



This server has only one type of system board and power supply.

Both the processors are compatible with the server.

So I guess the processor should work.


See this link for a compatible part list for this server:


Before upgrading the processor, dont forget to update the BIOS.

Do NOT mix different types of processors into single system board.

Regarding 8GB memory, I guess its not possible to use 2x8GB.



Thank You!
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