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DL140 G3 Windows 2003

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DL140 G3 Windows 2003 we go. Have a DL140/G3. It has a single 36GB SAS Drive. No floppy or diskette. I've attached 2 USB CD/Floppy for installing Windows 2003. I start the installation, and get to the point of adding 3rd party drivers [F6]. I've added the SAS Driver, SATA, and nothing. Makes no difference. I continually get the BSOD w/ the STOP: 0x0000007B error. I've checked memory, drive, etc. and they check out fine.

What gives? What am I doing wrong? I've also enabled and disabled the SATA Array in the BIOS for all these iterations...
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Re: DL140 G3 Windows 2003


if you have one drive, you maybe have no raid, so you should disable RAID in BIOs for sure.
If you have onboard SATA and don't use ,disable this controller in BIOS too.

I assume you have the 8 internal port SAS HBA :

Actually if you don't have RAID, you don't need driver while installing on a single drive.

you can use :

which for sure contains the driver you need...

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Re: DL140 G3 Windows 2003

Thanks for the reply!

Well, when I start the install, I get past the point of text base portion that says loading keyboard, etc. and then when it states "Windows/Setup is starting" it blue screens with the STOP: 0x0000007B error.