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DL140 G3 random shutdown

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DL140 G3 random shutdown

Hi there,

I've two DL140 G3 servers in the same configuration, both in the same place, connected to same power source.
One of them sometimes suddenly shuts down (hard power down) without any events recorded in log.

The power led goes amber, iLo reports Power Status:OFF and Last Restart Cause:Unknown.
It is not possible to make it running again using either virtual power and power button - I've to plug out power cord.
Running hardware diagnostics using maintenance CD did not revaled any problems.

The issue occurs in 3-13 hours after power on. 

Has anybody got any idea about it?


Re: DL140 G3 random shutdown



I guess both the servers have same type of Firmware and Drivers level.

Have you tried swapping the power supplies between the servers.


For random shutdown, the issue could be with Power Supply or System Board.

You may also see the HPGT for this product.


Thank You!
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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: DL140 G3 random shutdown

Could also be a problem with the power cables themselves.
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Re: DL140 G3 random shutdown


Thank you for your replies.


Both servers has the same firmware versions; firmware upgrade didn't solved the problem.
I'm not able to swap PSU between them - I've no third machine in cluster to evacuate VMs.

System board replacement solved the problem for about two weeks.

The machine has been delivered to repair center for PSU replacement & testing.