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DL140 G3

Frank Ciarniello
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DL140 G3

Is there a problem with the mouse port when using a Server Console Switch (2 x 16 port)?

The mouse does not work on any DL140 servers
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Re: DL140 G3


I've seen this issue a lot of times here at forums

What I read some time ago what that ilo firmware 2.12 was buggy so some people got it working fine using 2.11 or 2.10

that seeing your issue
I want to ask you:
do you know servers firmware for lo100?

at that time when I read that there was not 2.13 firmware version now it is available

check this link so you can test different lo100 version

2.13 or 2.11


try and let us know


Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: DL140 G3

Hi Frank,

Can U change or unplag & plug Ur mouse & keyboard cable.

Check & confirm me....

HP Support!!!
Frank Ciarniello
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Re: DL140 G3

The firmware was 2.13, I have downgraded to 2.10 and after unlugging and reconnecting the keyboard and mouse cables, the system worked.

Then after a reboot the mouse will not work again even after resetting the cables.

I am going to try a cold boot to see if that helps.