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DL140 G3


DL140 G3

Dear All,

I have a dl 140g3 with SAS embedded raid controller. We have 250*2 gb hard disk connected to the raid. recentlty our space on the hard disk got full so we wanted to add a additional drive of 750 GB after removing one of the 250 GB hard disk. For this we went to the array configuration to ckeck the status of the hard drive present I was suprise to see that the ACU could not detect the raid controller, our ACU version is I did reseach on the web site and found a utility called HP Storage manager for SAS/SATA drive, i installed it and also it could not detect the raid controller.

Can anyone helps us in troubleshooting this issue?

the operating system installed is win 2003 x64 bit. When building the mirror I used the F8 utility during the post to create the raid. It is a production server and cannot be restarted.
Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: DL140 G3

Hi Farhat,

The DL140G3 SAS controller is a LSI SAS raid controller. It would not be detected by the ACU. To manage the controller from within windows download the MegaRAID Storage Manager for SAS from LSI.

MSM for Windows 2.90-01:

Like in smart array controller, we might not be able to replace with a higher capacity harddrives and do online logical drive extension to increase the space. you might need to backup and rebuild the raid on new high capacity harddrives and restore the data.


Re: DL140 G3

Thanks Raj, appreciated for the help, dowmloaded the utilty and it detects the raid controller, but as said has no provision to utilise the unused spaced after adding a hard disk of larger capacity.

I have found a utility for HP web site called HPCONF, which is a dos based utility and are working on it so we can utilise the unsed spare on the hard disk.

Thanks and will keep u updated if found something new.