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DL140 Proliant Fan Speeds

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DL140 Proliant Fan Speeds

Due to the fact i have nearly gone deaf after listening to my new Proliant Server woo`ing and wha`ing, i have been looking into a solution to decrease the fan speeds, and in turn hopefully not have to ask santa for a hearing aid....

After being unable to either find the correct versions of HP agents for the ESXi ive been running ....

Not a problem I thought, I can put some silent fans, find the 12V and ground lines, screw them in and happy days....

Nope that would of been far too easy, after unscrewing all the original fans, and trying to use a multimeter with all the fans onplugged, the server would only power up for near on 5 secs, before giving up and powering down....

What is my question...well...

Has anyone have any good ideas to help me reduce the noise of this thing ???

Is it possible to fit a bunch of 3rd Party fans and have the thing run in its once happy state ???

Does the Server require the sensor lines of the fans connectors to supply some kind volt through to the motherboard ???

Any help would be exteremly appreciated .....
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Re: DL140 Proliant Fan Speeds

Hi Felix,
there have been some issues with BIOS firmware and spurious thermal trip errors, have you tried the lates code? this link is for the G3 (you don't say which one you have)
The sensor lines are there because the fans should boot at full speed then settle to a slower running speed, getting faster if the temp sensors on the mainboard detect a heat increase. Check also for damage to the bottom of the heatsinks and have a look at the temp readings in the smart start utility.
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Re: DL140 Proliant Fan Speeds

Thanks for the quick reply,

I currently have the HP Proliant DL140.
Ive upgraded all the BIOS, fireware revisions to the latest when I fist got the server, which was around Oct `08 time,

How do I get into the smart start utility, excuse my stupidity.

Can i somehow rewire the thing (server) to maybe learn to love the newly aquired slient fans .... !?!