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DL140 RAID Drv and OS install

Ed Roche

DL140 RAID Drv and OS install

DL140, trying to load 2003 server. Asks for driver from floppy. Loads successfully from ext USB FDD.
Sees controller and disks, I configure partition and continue install. It asks me insert disk labelled: LSI logic fusion-MPT SAS storport driver. Hit enter and it doesnt search the FDD. Lost connection. Known issue with certain makes of usb FDDs.

2nd option - nLite utility to combine OS and drivers into one iso and burn. Did this and it finds the disks without FDD/having to hit F6 at install start. After partition configuration, same message:

insert disk labelled: LSI logic fusion-MPT SAS storport driver.

Can someone please advise as this is getting silly. HP advised I get ext USB FDD part number DC141b - 3 Weeks delivery. It should be shipped free with the servers.

Please help
Ed Roche

Re: DL140 RAID Drv and OS install

nLite Util did the job, I was missing a 2nd driver from the HP resource cd. Just added all the controller drivers on the HP CD to the iso, reburned and it worked finally.
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL140 RAID Drv and OS install

Hi Ed,

I had the identical Problem.

Tried to install Server 2003 onto a DL140 with SATA RAID, inserted a USB floppy with the drivers, finished creating the partition, but Setup stopped and asked for the Drivers again (which were still in the Floppy drive!)

I found a different work around to nLite.

Plugged one of the SATA drives into the onboard SATA Controller as a stand alone drive, then installed Server 2003.

Installed all the Windows drivers from the Driver Disc.

Once installed, I created an image of the Server then hooked the SATA drives back up to the RAID controller and built the Array.

Finally copied the image back onto the Server.

HP should fix their problem with USB Floppies. Its bad enough that they've changed the connector for the CDROM Drives to make people buy overpriced replacements.