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DL140 "Low Voltage Warn"

Terry Chatman
Occasional Visitor

DL140 "Low Voltage Warn"

We have a DL140 G1 server here in which, today, is the second time the red light has come on in the front of the server.

The first time this light came on was on 04/04/2008. Going into the IPMI Event Log shows a "Low Voltage Warn" report for 04/04/2008.

I powered the server off and on that day and the light has been off ever since.

Today, 10/30/2008, the light is back on with the same warning "Low Voltage Warn" in the IPMI log.

Turning the server off and on gets rid of the light but it comes back on a few seconds later with another entry in the log.

The exact text in the log is "Voltage Low warn 50 A7 A8"

The server operates fine, besides that, Windows works, and so on...

However, just to be on the safe side, I've ordered a power supply for the server.

Am I correct in taking that step or is this low voltage problem something different? (I'd assume, if the voltage it was getting is low, it's a warning for impeding doom with the supply... or motherboard. Hopefully not the board, so I'm going to try the power supply first off...)

Let me know, thanks!!!
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: DL140 "Low Voltage Warn"

I'm not familiar with the system, but the first thing I think of when reading that error message is there is a problem with the supply voltage in your machine room. You should have someone check the voltage of the electricity coming to where your system is plugged-in.
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Terry Chatman
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL140 "Low Voltage Warn"

Well, I just figured since it's been more than 6 months since the warning, it was possibly something else.

I have two other servers in this room and they're no warning lights on them... They're not the same brand or model, though.

All 3 servers are connected to a battery backup UPS which is supposed to regulate voltage and it's not complaining about volts either...

That's why I was thinking to try swapping the PS first.