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DL140 telco / fixed / 3rd party rails?

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DL140 telco / fixed / 3rd party rails?

Dear all,

Looking to get some rails for a DL140 G1 server in order to rackmount it. It isn't clear which rails to get.

What is the difference between telco (353359-001) and fixed rails (353314-001), and how do these differ from 3rd party (177854-001) rails?

All I am looking for is sliding rails which will fit in a rack which is 670mm from to back, and 950mm deep.

Which of these specified options (or other generic!) rails would be appropriate?


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Re: DL140 telco / fixed / 3rd party rails?

This depends of the rack you are using, If the Rack is a HP one use this part number 353314-001 (fixed rails)
353359-001 For Telco Racks

BTY... is this a G1 or G2 Server?
You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!
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Re: DL140 telco / fixed / 3rd party rails?

It is a G1 server and I believe that the rack is non-HP (I haven't physically seen it, since it is in a managed hosting centre).

In this case, do you recommend the 3rd party (177854-001) rails or some other?