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DL140s and New Redhat Enterprise (ES 3)

Travis Kriza
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DL140s and New Redhat Enterprise (ES 3)

Has anyone successfully loaded the newer Enterprise Linux from RedHat onto a DL140? I just started trying to install it as we would like to use the latest ES version on these DL140s, but for some reason on the installation, the machine locks up early in the installation right after the lines that state:

running install
running /sbin/loader

Cursor freezes and within a few moments I receive a red light for the server status (which supposebly means either fan, processor, temperature, processor VRM, or memory module fails.

However, I was able to install RedHat 9 without a glitch. Any ideas? Or is it possibly just a hardware problem since the light goes on? Or is it possible the ES linux is probing for something else that causes a failure to occur?


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Re: DL140s and New Redhat Enterprise (ES 3)

I had similar issues with different Compaq hardware.. After spending many hours reading these forums and trying different things, here are some suggestions..

1) Make sure YOU select the propor video card , sometimes the installer picks the wrong video card by default..

2) Use compaq drivers and create a driver disk and use this during installation..

3) Make sure no devices are IRQ sharing..

4) Your installation media could be bad... but this is rare..

5) Last, at the boot prompt during your installation.. type linux ide=nodma , this will disable DMA access on your CDROM drive.. This helps some poeple..